Case Studies

  • Menlo Innovations LLC is an award-winning software design and development firm that has worked to perfect the open and collaborative work environment first pioneered by Thomas Edison in his Menlo Park Invention Factory. Menlo’s mission is ending human suffering in the world as it relates to technology.™


    Menlo's previous payroll provider did a great job setting us up, running basic payroll, and providing knowledgeable payroll representatives to assist the beginning. But over time we found that we required a payroll company that could handle more complex scenarios: incentive-based pay, international staff on visas, and extensive benefits choices. In short, a company that could pay closer attention to our changing needs.


    inFocus provided us with knowledgeable payroll experts. The owner of inFocus stays closely involved with Menlo and ensures our satisfaction with each payroll. InFocus interviewed our back-office staff to develop processes that would work best for us, and also worked with our employees to develop an easily-understood paystub.

    inFocus has been great to work with and payroll has run flawlessly since our switch.


    Richard Sheridan

  • Produces the most pixel-precise, live-action 3D feature films, concerts, sports, and commercial programming. Whether produced with, or independent of, 3ality, content creators are assured the most technologically accurate 3D image capture in the world.


    3ality needed a service that could meet their growing needs. Their previous payroll service kept trying to add manual workarounds to their extremely automated system. This process that is all too common with most services leads to mistakes which 3ality endured for many years.


    inFocus was able to tailor their service around 3ality's needs.

    Brian provides expert knowledge of payroll processing and the various rules and regulations that are vital to know for a trouble-free experience. I relied on Brian's excellent customer service during some very delicate matters and his professionalism never wavered. I highly recommend Brian and his team to facilitate in all your payroll processing needs.


    Beth Krolik

    Office Manager
  • Distributive Design is a strategic creative service, versatile in a wide variety of advertising and design projects.


    With a low budget and not a lot of time they needed to develop a process to handle the taxes in-house. This obligation had been too overwhelming to take on and got put off for too long, only getting worse.


    We provided Distributive Design with the knowledge and firepower to handle their tax obligations in-house with ease.

    Brian was able to really hone in on my needs and understand what would work best for me. After a short consultation and a few follow-ups I was well on my way. I can't imagine how bad things could have gotten without his help.


    Derek Weglarz

  • GPA Management

    GPA Management is a real estate management company. They provide services to associations and rental units.


    GPA's payroll is very straight-forward. Unfortunately, that might be the reason why their previous service kept changing their rep in favor of new trainees. This made it very difficult for them to build continuity with them and resolve issues in a timely manner.


    We were able to guarantee that GPA would continue to have the same point of contact. In fact, we promised them that if there is ever a change that we will ask in advance and slowly introduce the new expert so there is a seamless transition.

  • Adventa Corp

    Adventa Corporation provides a comprehensive line of engineering and technical services to fortune 500 and 1000 companies in the Southeast. We are continuing to grow the business by investing in long term partnering arrangements with our clients.


    Adventa Corp's previous provider gave them incorrect information because they did not want to take the time to research the issue properly.


    Using the previous service's own reports we were able to see that they understated the filing to the IRS causing the appearance of an overpayment. We instructed Adventa to mail the check back to the IRS and assisted them with amended the erroneous figures.

    Without Brian's expertise I would have mistakenly cashed a check made out to me in error by the IRS. My previous payroll service did not take the time to research he issue correctly and told me to go ahead and cash it. Luckily, I trusted my instincts and got a second opinion. Brian found that my reports were understated and that cashing it would have led to penalties and interest. I have only trusted Brian with my payroll ever since.

    Jay Shroff